Blue Beard & Parking

The title of the post is more exciting than the actual post :) I did go to an interesting presentation today by Dr. Donald Shoup (the prophet of parking). He was brought to town by Council member Chris Riley who has been very active in trying to resolve Austin’s parking woes. Shoup has written a book, The Real Cost of Free Parking, in it he suggests that all this parking that is required of developers and merchants should be removed and instead use metered parking (priced as to what the market will bear-and in such a way that you always have a few empty spots) is a better model for solving the issues in problem areas. Revenue collected by the meters is then given back to the areas that support (less maintenance costs). Those dollars can then be used for improvements (sidewalks, trees, law enforcement etc.). People who don’t want to pay will find alternative methods of getting to and fro (bike, bus, walk)… I am oversimplifying this, but is interesting.
Thinking About Parking
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