christmas tree

Before the Drop

I tried to pick up a tree today when I was at Home Depot, but they were out of Nobel Furs, and frankly all the trees looked pretty sad. So after dropping Sam off at archery, I ran to Costco for some quick food purchases (if there is such a thing) and figured I would get the tree there (they had a truckload of them last time I was in). No luck. Truck gone. Crud. Off to another Home Depot (on Brodie) where the past few years Sam and I have had a great time picking out a tree. But alas, I was Han Soloing this time, it was dark, and wet, and lonely. After fumbling around trying to size up trees from arms length I decided to roll the dice. I found a 5-6 foot Nobel, all bound up. I put it on the cart, sight unseen, paid for it, had them fresh cut it, brought it home, lined it up, screwed in place and let Sam unclip the cord. We rolled the die and won. It is a beautiful tree. This painting is just before Sam unclipped the cord holding all the branches up.